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The information of urgent program is here.


Application in FY2018 was closed on November 10, 2017.
Thank you for your submissions!


User-Program Application for FY2018

Essential point of the application in FY2018 is shown below.

User-Program Application in FY2018 starts from October 1, 2017.
The deadline is

November 10, 2017 (JST).


How to apply?

  • To apply your program, you need to access the web-based application system NSL RING (NSL Research Information NaviGator).

  • This system was introduced in FY2014.
  • Java-enabled browser is required. The operation was checked on Firefox and Safari.
  • This system manages the accounts of users. All of the accounts are commonalized with those of another application system JRR-3 RING, which is introduced for instruments administered by JAEA. If you have never used either system, you need to create your account; it takes about 5 min. If you already have your account, you can continuously use the account.

Details of Application

*From call for proposals FY2016, applications from only using NSL RING are accepted.



Submitted proposals are reviewed through the scientific review by two referees of the related research field and the technical review by Instrumentation and Research Team (IRT) members. Based on these results, through the comprehensive reviews on NSPAC and NSL operating committee, on which all of the proposals are judged of acceptance/rejection and their machine-time are distributed, the ISSP professorate gives the approval. The result is announced to each applicant.
The details are here.


Type of application

We will accept two types of applications.

General User-Program (starts on 10/1.)

  • Each researcher applies based on his/her own research plan.
  • Please see below about overbooking, to know about your accepted beam-time.

IRT Program (starts on 10/1.)

  • Only the Instrumentation and Research Team (IRT) leader of each instrument can apply.
  • The applicant, i.e. IRT leader, is required to describe purpose of R&D, operation road-map and member's role for the responsible instrument.
  • Based on this proposal, NSPAC and NSL operating committee deliberate the suitability as the IRT program and decide the ratio of its machine-time to the whole user time.
  • A proposal unsuitable for the IRT program has to be reviewed as a general user-program, even if it was of the IRT member.

    Financial Support for Overseas Experiments

    We continue the financial support of the travel expenses for overseas experiments in FY2018 until the JRR-3 resuming. More Information including the schedule will be announced in this webpage.


    Urgent Program anchor.png

    • When there is a urgent program which should be performed instantly, an occasional application can be allowed by the NSL-operating-committee chairman (usually, NSL director), by attached its reason, although the usual application is once a year in principle.
    • We will also accept it if you do not apply your program but want to receive a travel-expenses' support by our program.

    How to apply?

    1. Prepare and submit your application form as usual on NSL RING , which opens even out of the usual application period.
    2. Download the form and e-mail to the Application address shown in the last of this page.



    Additional Information

    The following are the application information as of FY2016. Please note that since the application for FY2018 is now under consideration, it may be subject to change!

    Recent Modification of Application and Acceptance anchor.png

    1. Change of IRT-program system: introduction of over-booking and buffering time
      You must contact the instrument leader and fix the schedule of your accepted beam-time as soon as possible. The "Overbooking" system began in FY2010, at which up to about 16% of the whole user-time for each instrument is allowed. On the other hand, all of the accepted applications can be executed in principle, because of the up-to-about-16% buffering time. However, it is possible that the buffering time does not remain because it is used as not only the accepted applications executing but also reserved applications. Therefore, if you do not assert the execution of your experiment until year-end even though your proposal was accepted, it is possible that your experiment cannot execute.
    2. The "Reserve" system
      We redefined zero days of the machine-time as not "Program-Accept" but "Reserve", because it is confusing with the general "Accept". The "reserved" program is the same as the previous "Program-accepted program".


    • At iNSE, only assuming of overseas experiments by our financial support, we will accept the general user-program. User-program at iNSE DOESN'T execute also in FY2016, because of some commissioning from the earthquake disaster restorations.
    • User-program using the special accessory such as superconducting magnet and dilution refrigerator is required to contact us in advance. Depending on the experimental condition, the available schedule may be limited. If you will apply such a program, please e-mail to the Application address shown in the last of this page.
    • In use of accessories shch as refrigerator and furnace, a supervisor approved from our facility is required. After the program is accepted, the procedures are announced to its applicant.
    • The consumables such as sample-container and cryogen have to be paid in full or half by user as a general, acceding to the use-rule on ISSP.


    AddressNeutron Science Laboratory Office,
    The Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo
    106-1 Shirakata, Tokai, Naka, Ibaraki, 319-1106 JAPAN

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