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Step to JRR-3 Restoring

JRR-3 reactor has been in shutdown because of various reasons after the large earthquake disaster on Mar.11, 2011. We would like to provide information of restoring JRR-3 as possible.

  • Information from Division of Reactors and Accelerators, JAEA.


    Instruction for application of experiments.



    Instruments managed and administered by NSL. There are 14 instruments in JRR-3, as well as other instruments in MLF, J-PARC, IQBRC building, and Kashiwa campus.


    Sample Environment

    About sample environment devices such as refrigerator, dilution, and superconducting magnet...


    Documents for Experiments

    Download of documents necessary to execute your experiment(s), after you receive an acceptance notice.


    Access & Map

    Access to Tokai campus, ISSP, and exmerimental facilities.


    Accepted Proposals

    List of accepted proposals in the present and past years.


    User-Program Support for Overseas Experiments

    Support of travel and hotel expenses for overseas experiments, that are accepted and would be performed at JRR-3.


    Experiment Report

    Archives of accepted programs (title, program number., PI, ...), activity reports, dissertation records, and Publication records.



    Mainly for researchers engaged in Use-Program of JRR-3.