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Access to NSL (Tokai Campus)

Railway Map to Tokai station


*The necessary times include no connections.
*Access from Tokai station is here.


From Tokyo station

By train

  • JR Ueno-Tokyo Line, Ueno and Joban L. dir.- the Limited express Hitachi or Tokiwa (Platform 7 or 8), 1h 45min. -> Tokai station.
    • Six or seven runs a day stop at Tokai station. However, all runs stop at Katsuta station, the two-stops before, from which it takes 8 min. by the local train.

By express bus

  • Ibaraki-Koutsu "Katsuta-Tokai Line"
      • From Platform 8, the express bus terminal at Yaesu south exit.
    • 2h 30min. boarding, 2,240 JPY.-> Tokai-genken-mae (JAEA main gate).

From Haneda Airport

We recommend using the express bus.

By express bus

  • Ibaraki-Koutsu Express bus, Mito, Hitachinaka and Hitachi direction:
      • From Platform 1 of the International terminal.
      • From Platform 4 of the Terminal 1.
      • From Platform 4 of the Terminal 2.
    • 2h 30min. boarding, 3,800 JPY. -> Tokai-station east-exit.
  • From Tokai-station, look here.

From Narita Airport

We recommend using the express bus.

By express bus

  • Ibaraki-Koutsu Rose Liner, Hitachi, Katsuta, Mito and Hokota direction:
    • From Platform 8.
    • 2h 20min. boarding, 3,100 JPY. -> Tokai-station east-exit.
  • From Tokai-station, look here.

From Sendai station

By train

  • JR Tohoku Shinkansen, Tokyo dir. (Platform 13 or 14), 1h 30min. -> Ueno station.
  • JR Joban Line- Super Hitachi or Fresh Hitachi limited express, 1h 40min. -> Tokai station.

By express bus

  • Ibaraki-Koutsu Express bus, Sendai Line: 4h 20min, 4,600 JPY (or 4,800 JPY on Sat. & Sun.). -> Tokai-station east-exit.
  • From Tokai-station, look here.

Around Tokai Map: From Tokai station to NSL office or JAEA anchor.png


First, you step out to the east exit.

By Bus

  • Ibaraki-Kotsu bus "Ibaraki-higashi National Hospital" or "Hitachi Seaside Park"
    • 10min. boarding, 220 JPY. -> Masaki-Higashi or Genken-mae.

By taxi

  • Tell the driver "Todai Chu-seishi Shisetsu" using the above map. It takes about 15 min. and 1,000 JPY.

By foot or bicycle

  • The distance is 3.2 km (2.0 mile).
  • 300m (0.2ml) ahead, turn to the LEFT at "Tokai-eki east exit", the 2nd traffic-light.
  • 800m (0.5ml) ahead, turn to the RIGHT at "Godo-chosha-mae", the 2nd traffic-light.
  • 1.2km (0.75ml) ahead, turn to the LEFT at "Muramatsu". If you go to JAEA directly, go straight on more 1km (0.6ml).
  • 400m (0.25ml) ahead, turn to the RIGHT alley. Notice a small Ksitigarbha on righthand.
  • 300m (0.2ml) ahead, turn to the LEFT. You can see a three-story building. It is the destination!

Campus Map in JAEA-Tokai anchor.png

Plaase also check the map provided by J-PARC Center.

!Notice! At red bar (|) in the map, one must show the gatekeepers one's entrance card, even when you ride on a car as fellow passenger.


Requierd time between buildings

NSL officehttp://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png8min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png13min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png15min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png22min.
http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/100.png15min.JAEA main gatehttp://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png5min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png7min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png15min.
http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/100.png25min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/100.png10min.User's roomhttp://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png2min.http://neutrons.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp/uploads/img/99.png10min.


Access to Kashiwa Campus

Check here to browse the details.




By Bus

By foot or bicycle


By car

  • 常磐自動車道「柏インター」で出ます。
  • (A)標準ルート
    • 「柏・千葉方面」を出て、国道16号線外回りに合流、すぐ右車線に入る。
    • 300m先、「十余二工業団地入口」を右折。
    • 800m先、柏の葉公園が右手に見えてから2つ目の信号を右折。守衛所で入門票を記入して入構してください。
  • (B)別ルート((A)が混雑時)
    • 「野田・さいたま方面」を出て、国道16号線内回りに合流。
    • 400m先、「大青田」(左前方にすき家)を左折。
    • 500m先、「流経柏高校前」(右手に流通経済大附属高校)を左折。
    • 900m先、左手に本学キャンパスが見えてくる。キャンパスが切れたところを左折。
    • 400m先、1つ目の信号を左折。守衛所で入門票を記入して入構してください。